What is Super Marathon Maker?
Super Marathon Maker

is an in-development application that will, once finished, assist people with various tasks revolving around speedrun marathons.

At the time of writing, it provides a nice interface for the admins to easily handle all the submissions.

This includes, but is not limited to, accepting or rejecting runs, editing runs (to adjust the comment text, for example) and exporting them to CSV for easy import into Google Sheets / Excel as well as exporting accepted runs into an easily importable file for Horaro.

This application is brought to you by
Main author.
Had the general "Why not build a website that makes organizing speedrun marathons easier?" thought.
Responsible for all the good (and bad (especially bad)) design stuff you see.
I've heard from myself that I'm nice to talk with.
Main bi-- um assistant.
Was more on the coding side of things and less on the "contribute in any meaningful way to this idea"-side.
Worked mostly on the back-end to make stuff happen.
Does not usually have a profile picture, so take a GIF of a funny character instead.
Brings in a couple of really good ideas.
Mainly PR guy.
Loves multi-track drifting with trains.